Drawing might be considered as my life. Before having an idea about me, I got acquainted with colors and images. I was like in their orbit, drawings were everywhere, on paper, at lunch, in school, on book and even in my bed. This was my childhood’s world where I feel peace and happiness. 

My dreams, my imagination and my own world combined to design creative images. I never had a will to draw existing ones; I was more motivated to draw thoughts, which we cannot stop. I just transferred my imagination as clear as nature is.

Upon me lies cosmos and earth in my hands with infinitive mysteries. Beauty and secret hand in hand. Yes you can be part of it and you can see it with your emotions. Emotions are ties of the life if you lose darkness replaces, if you keep imagination, dreams and creativity blossoms.


Born in 14 june 1990, Visual Artist from Turkey, Istanbul.

Studied in Sabancı University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design program in 2013.

Introduction to Visual Art, Erdağ Aksel

Fine Arts, Wieslaw Zaremba & Micheal Bishop

Illustration & Typography, Onur Yazıcıgil

Graphic Design, Elif Ayıter

Photography, Murat Germen & İhsan Derman

Video & 3D Animation, Yoong Wah Alex Wong

Studio Project, Supervised by Ekmel Ertan



'The Geometry of Love', Muse Contemporary Art Festival, Bodrum

'Social Politic', GaleriBu, İstanbul


Açık Depo: 'Yeni'ler, Mixer, İstanbul

'Bi Karma Sergi' Bimisal Art & Design Gallery, İstanbul


'Dirty Pop’ Bimisal Art & Design Gallery, İstanbul